Dragon Ball Super: Broly Star Masako Nozawa Talks Goku, Broly, and Peace?

Hey everyone how are you all doing this fine Saturday night? I hope everyone has been having an awesome week. I got some awesome news about Dragon Ball Super, and if you want to check it out click the link below.


ComicBook.com:¬†Dragon Ball¬†Super‘s¬†finale was a huge hit with fans, so how does it feel returning for the movie with so much support?¬†

Masako¬†Nozawa:¬†It’s just amazing. Goku has a very special place in everyone’s hearts. He’s been with us for such a long time; he’s always going to be there.

Do you feel Goku’s changed since the Tournament of Power and fighting so many strong opponents?¬†

Goku¬†never changes. He’s always been the same, he’s always going to be Goku. He wants one thing for the whole world. He just wants peace, he wants everyone to get along with each other. So when [he]¬†encounters a villain or a bad guy, all he’s trying to do is change the way they think a little bit and shift them towards good. So if in the middle of a fight if a bad guy says, “You know what? I changed my mind, I’m going to be a good guy now,” he’s going to stop fighting. He’s not in it to beat him up to a pulp or prove that he’s better or stronger. He just wants peace.

Dragon Ball Super Broly SSB Goku vs Broly

Fans are very excited for Goku’s big fight with Broly, so did that add any pressure or excitement when performing those scenes?¬†

I really don’t feel that much pressure at all. Because the moment I walk into the studio I become Goku. I feel what Goku¬†feels, take on the same attitude he has, so I just want peace at that point too. He doesn’t train to become stronger, to beat people up for the sake of beating people up, he trains to become stronger so he has the power to kind of shift the way people think towards good.

How does Goku feel about Broly?

Goku¬†never hates anyone. He doesn’t even have the idea of vengeance. All he is trying to do is say, “Hey, if you behave that way you’re going to cause trouble for people. You’re disturbing people’s lives, don’t do that.” So I think Goku¬†really believes Broly¬†is a friend.

He’s trying his best to make peace with Broly?¬†

All Goku¬†is doing is going, “Hey, you’ve got it a bit wrong, buddy. You’re thinking about this all wrong. If you just turn direct that energy over here, there’s so much more potential, more possibility. So hey, come to this side.” That’s all Goku¬†is trying to do.


Goku’s had many transformations, many forms, over the years. Do you possibly have a favorite one?¬†

[laughs] There’s no favorite. I am all of them, and they’re all me. Masako¬†Nozawa¬†equals Son¬†Goku. That’s all there is. Really, if more people in the world thought the way Goku¬†thought then we could achieve world peace. He never goes out to fight someone with the intent of just beating them for the sake of beating them. He would never think of killing anyone. All he wants to do is change the way people think.


Goku using Ultra Instinct was an intense moment, did you go anywhere special for that performance? 

There really is no secret to how I build the character. What¬†I see on the screen, I see¬†Goku, I feel whatever he’s feeling.¬†And when I saw Goku¬†that way I knew, “OK, this is what Goku¬†must be feeling,” so I just try to match whatever I see and become Goku.

Do you think he can reach that level again? 

I don’t know if he’ll ever get to that instinct level, but he’s always training. He’s constantly training. So I think there’s going to be a lot more Goku¬†to be seen, because he’s always training.

Dragon Ball Super Broly Goku Minus Departure Fated Child Origin

Is there anything you’re excited for fans to see now that¬†Dragon Ball Super:¬†Broly¬†is releasing soon in theaters?¬†

I mean, there are lots of things, but I don’t want to spoil it. I want from the moment the room goes dark and the screen lights up, that’s when the¬†experience begins. So in that moment¬†everyone’s¬†going to draw something different. There are lots of things I personally like, but I’m not going to ruin the experience for anyone right now.


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